Large Oversized Sunglasses

Points primarily designed to protect the eyes from harmful radiation or vision correction, if necessary. However, this accessory is very prone to fusion fashion. This mainly refers to settings – it may be rectangular, circular, square, or it may not be the least. In this season of fashion again came back with a large frame glasses. These glasses are in vogue in the middle of the last century. Therefore, they perfectly complement the image in retro style, and not only him.

To go Big Letters?

Before you go to shop for stylish big points you need to find out if they are right for you.
So large letters will look great if you have:

  • Great opportunities;
  • Square face;
  • Long face – in this case, better to choose large glasses aviators;
  • Massive chin – choose glasses grandmother.

Large Sunglasses

Today, almost all well-known manufacturers that produce glasses model with large windows. Among these are to be noted:

  • Ray Ban;
  • D & G;
  • Roberto Cavalli;
  • Polaroid;
  • Armani;
  • Montana.

Large sunglasses with transparent plastic color settings seem particularly original. Different models of zavushnykah, crystal jewelry in the shape of leaves, feathers, oriental symbols on the frame just as applicable. Very stylish and unusual look big black glasses that are universal and are combined with any accessories.

How to Choose Large Frame Glasses with the Color of Your hair?

The choice between silver or gold frame note that jewelry you can wear and what color accessories in your bag. Gold and silver frames – selection of brunettes.
Also important is the creation of predatory print each color. These settings are ideal blondes. Brunette choose colorful frames, such as lettuce or blue.