Alaska Travel Package

Alaska Travel Package

According to countryaah, the ALASKA name only evokes fantastic visions. No other region in North America contains as much mystery as Alaska which is short for AK by abbreviationfinder. It also means the Great Land in the West. The casual visitor is dumbfounded by the giant glaciers, the sweeping tundra, shapeless valleys, lush rainforests, deep fjords. The fauna is of course a big draw. Studying a tall grizzly bear up close or stopping the car when the king of the forest “The Moose” crosses the road while the bald eagle hovers over our heads is a visual impression that will be remembered forever.


Denali National Park

This national park, one of the largest in Alaska and North America, is for many the highlight of a trip to these latitudes. No private car traffic is allowed, only the park’s own green buses are allowed. The park’s two biggest attractions are Mount McKinley and the rich wildlife. The chances of seeing “The Big Five: Grizzly, Moose, caribou, wolf and dall-sheep” are great.

Katmai National Park
Katmai National Park on the southwest coast of Alaska is a magical place. The first time you visit the park, you are often enchanted. The nature experience is beyond this world: seas, beaches, glaciers and grasslands with surrounding mountains and bears almost everywhere you look. In addition to bears, you also have the chance to see much of Hallo Bay’s rich wildlife; mighty bald eagles, sea otters and sometimes even whales. With a little luck, you can even see a wolf.

Prince William Sound
Fjord Prince William is probably the most talked about of all Alaska’s fjords due to its spectacular location. In addition to wildlife, it is the mighty glaciers that contribute to the beauty of the area. Of the glaciers, Columbia is the most dramatic, which is a so-called tidal glacier. To hear the roar of the masses of ice crashing into the sea is extremely powerful.

An idyllic little town on the Kenai Peninsula with about 3000 inhabitants that multiplies in the summer. Surrounded by the salmon-rich fjord Resurrection Bay and high snow-capped mountain peaks, Seward is a great attraction for people who enjoy nature both at sea and in the mountains. Seward’s biggest attraction besides nature is the “Alaska Sea Life Center”, which shows Alaska’s marine wildlife but also serves as a research center.


The green island is known for its excellent fishing, the large fishing port and of course for its huge bears that can be twice as big as Alaska’s common Grizzly bears. A male can stand on its hind legs measuring 4 meters and weigh eight hundred kilos (!). An untouched nature awaits here with huge mountain ranges, large forests, lakes, rivers and rugged rocky beaches. You travel here by pontoon plane. The accommodation is simple but the experiences are magnificent.


Alaska is a US state and the largest in area in the United States. It is located at the northwestern end of the North American continent with Canada to the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, and with Russia further west across the Bering Strait.


The location in the area means that it has a number of climate zones, e.g. tundra, subarctic, hemiboreal, coastal and Mediterranean climates. This makes the area varied in flora and fauna.


Yes – must be applied for well in advance


US Dollar – USD

100USD = 887.64SEK


Alaska has no official language but everyone speaks English and several languages ​​for the various indigenous peoples.


Mandatory – No compulsory vaccinations are required for entry.

Recommended – Contact your vaccination center for personal needs.

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