Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas

Guide to Arlington, Texas: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to go in the evening. Top things to do in Arlington, TX: Latest reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and shopping.

According to toppharmacyschools, Arlington is part of the giant metropolis of Dallas – Fort Worth -Arlington in Tarrant County and is the seventh most populous city in the state of Texas.

Arlington’s advertising slogan says: fun here is more than a way of thinking. The two main “profiles” of the city are amusement parks and world-class sports stadiums. Arlington has an entertainment district that brings together seven of the city ‘s main entertainment points: Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, Texas Rangers Stadium, the Game Museum, the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the Lincoln Square Mall and Arlington Convention Center.

Arlington is considered the bowling capital of the world, hosting the headquarters of the respective American association, as well as the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. It also has a branch of the University of Texas.

Arlington’s advertising slogan says: fun here is more than a way of thinking. The main profiles of the city are amusement parks and world-class sports stadiums.

A bit of history

The first European settlement on the site of what is now Arlington appeared at least in the 1840s. After a battle between the Texans, led by General Tarrant, and the Indians of the settlement of Village Creek, the city was founded as a trading post. The rich soil of these places attracted farmers, and in the 19th century. agriculture has developed well here. The official founding date of the city is considered to be 1876, when the corresponding station appeared on a branch of the Texas and Pacific Railroad. The city was named after another Arlington – the estate of General Lee in the same county in Virginia.

How to get there

Arlington is located less than 20 miles from downtown Fort Worth and a little over 30 miles from downtown Dallas.

Attractions and attractions Arlington (TX)

From a tourist point of view, one of the main attractions of Arlington is the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, known throughout the country. Under him, a water amusement park was also opened in Hurricane Harbor. This park opened in 1961, after just a year of construction, and got its name from the six nations that ruled the state at different times. To date, the park holds a number of records and the first innovations in the world. One of the park’s most recent awards is Best New Rollercoaster, won in 2011 by the Texas Giant attraction. This is a 47 m high structure, on which you can slide at an angle of 79 degrees with a height difference of 45 m.

The Arlington Art Museum and Gallery is one of the city’s premier museums. Also noteworthy is the Levitt pavilion, which was opened in 2009: every year about 50 live concerts of quite famous artists take place here. The International Bowling Museum with the Walk of Fame is not very large, and the ticket prices may seem a bit overpriced, but visiting it is highly informative. There are cute mini-shows, interactive exhibits, and miniature bowling.

Also among the entertainment in Arlington is a visit to the Peaks Mall, where there are countless outlets, food outlets, an ice rink and a cinema. Another entertainment center is the Arlington Highlands on Matlock Road, which also has famous restaurants, bars, etc.

Another famous Arlington in the USA is a suburb of Washington. Arlington National Cemetery is located there, not in Texas.

Arlington has the largest theater community in the country. High-level performances are given here all year round, as well as theater classes for all ages.

In addition, Arlington is also fanned by a rather loud sports glory. For a long time it was the headquarters of the famous Texas Rangers baseball team. Their base until 1993 was the famous Arlington Stadium. The team now practices at the nearby new David M. Schwartz-designed Globe Life Park in retro style. Nearby is AT&T Stadium, formerly Cowboy Stadium, training ground for the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most expensive sports clubs in the world.

Another interesting place in the city is the Baptist College in Top O’Hill. It is the official educational institution of the Baptist World Fellowship. It was founded in 1939, and today its campus is located on the former property of the famous Top O’Hill Terrace casino, which is now considered a historic site in Texas. Some of the original features from the casino era are still preserved here: a sandstone guard house, iron gates, an open-air tea garden and even tunnels. There are guided tours around the territory of the historic casino and the beautiful garden.

Also noteworthy as city sights are Glorypark and Calum Moore Sculpture Park.

Pleasant city park “River Legacy” is a favorite place for citizens to relax with reservoirs and an abundance of paths for cycling and rollerblading. In summer, they walk dogs and have picnics here, in winter they go skating. There are several excellent marked cycling routes in the park, including those with different levels of incline for cyclists of varying degrees of muscle development. True, yawning in the park is not recommended: in recent years, predatory animals have been noticed here.

Speaking of dog walking, Arlington has a wonderful Tails and Trails dog park where your pet can run and play to the point of exhaustion.

Arlington, Texas

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