Cyprus Travel Destination

Cyprus Travel Destination

The most agile way to get around Cyprus is with a rental car. Public transport is also a good option. The bus service in Cyprus is reasonably reliable and very affordable. Bus schedules may be indicative only, but it’s easy to get used to the rhythm of the holiday. Bus ticket prices vary from a couple of euros to a few euros, depending on the length of the trip. Day and week passes are also available. You can travel between the cities of Cyprus, for example, by Intercity buses, the timetables and ticket information of which can be found on the company’s website.

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Rental driving is worth considering if you control left-hand traffic and a different driving culture than the Finnish one. However, rental cars in Cyprus are quite expensive and roads are in poor condition in places. A taxi is the easiest solution for moving shorter distances.

When moving in Cyprus and especially when renting a rental car, it is worth considering the border that divides the island. Northern Cyprus has declared itself an independent state, but so far only Turkey has recognized it. Thus, internationally, Northern Cyprus is still located within the borders of the Republic of Cyprus short for CYP by abbreviationfinder. The EU passport allows you to enter the Turkish territory of the north by crossing the UN-administered Green Line through official border crossings. There are a total of seven of these on the island. If you plan to cross the line in one direction or another, be sure to ensure your rental car’s insurance coverage in both areas of the island.


Agia Napa is especially known for its beautiful beach. According to countryaah, Cyprus is a country located in Southern Europe.

The city of Aphrodite in Paphos

Located at the southwestern tip of Cyprus, Paphos is one of the fastest growing and most popular holiday destinations in Cyprus. The city has an international atmosphere, especially thanks to tourists and a wide range of services. The locations of the legend of Aphrodite can be found in Paphos.

There are interesting places to visit near Paphos, such as a monastery and orange and banana plantations. The city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Paphos you can enjoy beach life on the city’s most famous beach, Coral Bay, or on some of the hotel’s small beaches. You can also go on golf holidays in Paphos, as there are four golf courses near the city.

Versatile Agia Napa

Located on the east coast of the island, Agia Napa (often also in the form of Ayia Napa) is one of the most diverse resorts in Cyprus. Agia Napa offers nightlife and excursions to the nearby Venetian monastery. Nightlife in Agia Napa is lively especially in midsummer, when the city needs young partygoers. The most popular beach in Agia Napa is Nissi Beach, but families with children in particular also enjoy the Agia Napa water park.

Combine a beach holiday and a city break in Limassol

Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus, is a good destination for both beach and city holidays. There are many small and large beaches around Limassol. The most popular of the sunny beaches is Dassoudi Beach, which has many facilities nearby. City holidaymakers also enjoy the shops in Limassol, where it is easy to find souvenirs to bring home.

From Limassol you can also go hiking on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains or hiking in the surrounding area. There are many places to visit near Limassol, including the painted churches of the Troodos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shopping in Larnaca

In addition to Limassol, Larnaca is a great destination for both beach and city holidaymakers. In addition to the beaches, there are restaurants and shops along Larnaca’s palm-lined promenade. Larnaca is one of the best shopping places in Cyprus with its shopping malls and branded stores. In addition to shops and beaches, Larnaca also offers culture. In the Larnaca region, it is worth visiting, for example, the prehistoric city of Khirokitia, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In Cyprus you can easily get around by rental car if you can drive on the left.

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The best resorts in Cyprus

  1. Limassol
  2. Paphos
  3. Larnaca
  4. Agia Napa
  5. Nicosia

Taste at least these

  1. Mezet – find your own delicacies from a wide range
  2. Wines – Taste local flavors
  3. Halloumi – Did you know that authentic halloumi cheese comes from Cyprus?

Unesco sites in Cyprus

  1. The historic city of Paphos
  2. The ancient village of Khirokitia
  3. Byzantine churches in the Troodos Mountains
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