Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – California

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – California

Steel Monument on the San Francisco Bay

The Golden Gate Bridge is located on San Francisco Bay and stretches north from San Francisco, from Presidio Hill, to the Marin Headlands, Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. San Francisco Bay is referred to as the “Golden Gate”. Within the bay is the small but famous prison island of Alcatraz. The water in the bay is deep and very cold, and the tidal range is considerable. Therefore, the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was not exactly easy. The bridge, like the skyline of San Francisco, is often shrouded in the fog that buries the country from the Pacific Ocean. The bridge blends beautifully into the landscape of San Francisco Bay. In addition to the six lanes for motor vehicles, there are also crossing paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco skyline

Bridge of superlatives

The groundbreaking for the construction of the bridge across the San Francisco Bay was in January 1933. Chief engineer Joseph Strauss and his team were primarily responsible for the construction of the bridge. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937 during the United States’ Great Depression. Until 1964, the metal bridge painted orange and red was the longest suspension bridge in the world. The roadway of the free suspension bridge is 1,966 meters long, the entire bridge is 2,736 meters long from stop to stop.

The pillars of the Golden Gate Bridge are almost 300 meters high, and 227 meters above the waterline. The total width of the bridge is 27 meters. The bridge gets its characteristic appearance from the curved main cables, which continue from pillar to pillar. The regular vertical braces from the main cables to the edge of the bridge convey a sense of security. The lanes are lined with 128 light poles, which create a very special atmosphere on the Golden Gate Bridge after dark.

View of the steel structure of the bridge

More data on the Golden Gate Bridge

On average, the clear height to the water level is about 60 meters. The thickest cables measure almost a meter in diameter, the underwater foundations are gigantic. The Golden Gate Bridge owes its orange-red coloring to the anti-rust coating. Originally, the bridge was to be painted gray. But San Francisco residents liked the orange-red color better, “thank God.” The color of the bridge bears the official designation: “International Orange”. The total weight of the Golden Gate Bridge is 887,000 tons. Because San Francisco is in an earthquake region, the Golden Gate Bridge was fitted with vibration isolators in 2008. During rush hour and summertime, the Golden Gate Bridge is heavily trafficked, with the volume of vehicles increasing by about 10% annually. Up to 10 million people and up to 40 million vehicles cross the Golden Gate Bridge every year.

Toll charges when crossing

Entering the city via the Golden Gate Bridge, which was built in the “Art Deco” style, is not free. Depending on the size of the vehicle, a toll fee has to be paid. In 1950, a trip across the bridge cost $0.40 cents, today it costs a maximum of $8. Crossing the bridge out of town costs nothing. Ultimately, the Golden Gate Bridge is just a normal bridge, albeit a very worth seeing one. The color of the bridge, the construction and the contrast with the surrounding landscape make the Golden Gate Bridge one of the most popular photo objects in California. It is tragic that since it opened in 1937, around 1,600 people have thrown themselves over the Golden Gate Bridge and died in the process.

Heavy fog moves in on the San Francisco Bay

Heavy traffic and earthquake prone

In 1982, during a devastating storm, the northern section of the bridge was paralyzed by landslides. In 1989, the bridge survived a strong earthquake almost unscathed. Let’s hope that the Golden Gate Bridge will stay with us for a very long time. The crossing is always a very special experience, primarily for tourists.

High Sierra – California

Natural treasures of the high mountains

According to Iamaccepted, the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada – mountains in California – USA – are called High Sierra. The High Sierra in California is best known for its beautiful nature, mountains, forests, canyons and rivers.

Yosemite Mountains – Sierra Nevada in California

In the High Sierra region there are numerous unique national parks that are visited by many millions of tourists every year. The last stocks of Giant Sequoias, the giant sequoias, are in the national parks of the High Sierra.

Fantastic nature of the Sierra Nevada

The nature of the High Sierra was “discovered” and explored by John Muir, who is well known in America. The picturesquely located lake “Lake Tahoe” in the north is also part of the High Sierra region. In addition to the beautiful nature of the national parks of the High Sierra, the possibilities for outdoor activities are very large.

Alabama Hills – Sierra Nevada in California

In addition to hiking, biking, fishing and horseback riding, there are excellent opportunities for many types of winter sports in the High Sierra region in winter.

High Sierra Nevada National Parks

  • Yosemite Valley National Park
  • Sequoia National Park
  • King’s Canyon National Park

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

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