India Destinations

India Destinations

Customs and religions

Religion is an integral part of everyday life in India. Numerous religions coexist in the country: in addition to Hinduism, the country is influenced by Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, as well as numerous smaller denominations.

It is important for the tourist to understand the meaning of religion and to appreciate different religions and customs. It is good for tourists in India to dress conservatively and women in particular should wear clothes that cover their knees and shoulders. When stepping into religious places, shoes are left out.

A tourist is doing well in India in English.

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Flights and trips to India

There are good air connections to Finland from Finland and Europe. You can fly from Finland to Delhi and Mumbai, for example, through numerous European cities. Finnair offers direct flights to India from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Flights to India cost around € 500-1000. A direct flight to India takes about 6-8 hours.

India has four major international airports located in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai. One of the busiest airports in India is Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Hotels and accommodation

In India, there are accommodation solutions for every finger. There are many hotels, inns and hostels in big cities and resorts.

At its cheapest, you can stay in India for 10-30 euros. However, the Indian quality rating does not match the European one, especially in cheaper hotels.

Quality hotels, especially in big cities and popular resorts, are relatively expensive. Hotels in well-known hotel chains can be found in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa, for example. A hotel night in a good standard hotel costs about 90-200 euros.

Rent your own car with drivers

In India which is abbreviated as IND by abbreviationfinder, you can travel by train, bus, metro and plane, for example. With your own rental car, venturing into traffic, especially in big cities, requires iron nerves and comprehensive insurance. Renting a car and a driver, on the other hand, can be a good idea, and not even a more expensive option than a regular taxi ride.

Buses are the cheapest form of travel in India. Bus traffic is regular and punctual, but poor condition roads and Indian traffic culture often make the trip uncomfortable and risky. Buses can also be used to travel to mountain destinations and cities.

Train travel is the most popular mode of transportation in India. India is known for its railways and has the largest railway system in Asia. Traveling by train is inexpensive, easy and even comfortable in an air-conditioned first class carriage. However, train journeys are often also slow.

Indian Railway
Book tickets online: IRCTC

In cities and resorts, the tourist can travel by taxi or metro. Taxis are relatively inexpensive travel games, but often without air conditioning. The largest cities in India also have a metro system. You can travel by metro in Delhi and Mumbai, for example.


The largest cities of India include Delhi, Goa, and Mumbai.

City break in Delhi

Lively, busier, Delhi – India’s largest city is an exotic and bustling city holiday destination in the central part of the country. The city is an interesting mix of new and old: after all, Delhi and the Indian capital, New Delhi, are separated by their names, even though they are the most salivary.

Delhi has many attractions, museums and urban culture. In old Delhi you can visit temples and bazaars, while in new Delhi you can enjoy cafes and nightlife. Delhi also hosts many events.

In Delhi, you should also enjoy what only Indians know perfectly: Indian food. The city has many restaurants and street kitchens with scents that bring water to the tongue.

Beach holiday in Goa

Located on the west coast of India, Goa is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. Goa is a great beach resort offering good hotels, exoticism and affordable rates.

Goa is known for its fine sandy beaches, but in addition to beach holidays, you can also spend a nature holiday in Goa. You can go on excursions to the crocodile farm, the jungle, the botanical garden and the zoo, for example.

On a cultural holiday in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the largest and busiest cities in India. Mumbai is located on the west coast of India on a peninsula jutting into the Arabian Sea.

In Mumbai, for example, a tourist can learn about the diversity of culture and religions. In Mumbai, the Buddhist temple, the Hindu temple and the Catholic church are very likely to be a stone’s throw apart.


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The best attractions in India

  1. Taj Mahal (Agra)
  2. Red Fort (Delhi)
  3. Hawa Mahal (Jaipur)
  4. Port of India (Delhi)
  5. Gateway to India (Mumbai)
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