Singapore – a Modern Metropolis of Southeast Asia

Singapore – a Modern Metropolis of Southeast Asia

Unique attractions, delicious food and limitless shopping opportunities will charm the traveler in Singapore. Read the Beach Ball Destination Guide and plan your own vacation.

Singapore connects East and West

According to countryaah, Singapore is known as a culinary mecca for Asian food and one of the best shopping destinations in Southeast Asia. Singapore is buzzing with a spectrum of cultures, as the city’s numerous cultures coexist and there are up to four official languages ​​in use. East and west unite here both concretely and figuratively. The place is a popular stopover when traveling between Europe and Asia or Europe and Australia.

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Singapore’s character includes efficiency, accuracy and cleanliness. When a small area is home to a huge number of people, precise rules are needed to make everything really work. Indeed, the government maintains an effective order in Singapore, and eating chewing gum, for example, is banned in the country. Reminders of good living and following the rules are also visible everywhere. At the same time, this means that Singapore is one of the safest travel destinations in the world.

One of the best ways to see the city is on the world’s largest ferris wheel. Singapore Flyer carries an altitude of 165 meters. The upper air shows how amazingly five million people have managed to fit into this small strip of land. Because more housing is needed but there is limited land, it has ironically had to be brought to Singapore more from around the world.

Although Singapore has developed by leaps and bounds with bustling trade, its colonialist history is still reflected in the street scene. Chinatown and Little India maintain Chinese and Indian traditions. Colonial history is reminiscent of its existence when Asian and British architecture blend in several key construction sites. Skyscrapers across the city represent dozens of different styles. The Singapore Theater in particular is an incredible architectural creation that looks like an aluminum durian.

A mecca for delicacies and shopping

Those looking for an authentic dining experience should focus on dining at local food stalls found throughout the city. Taste-enhancing portions are available for just a few euros, so your budget stays under control. The best stalls are in Chinatown and small India, where you can access local culture along with food.

Lively Chinatown is a great place to shop and stop to dine at restaurants.

Shopping is a popular activity in Singapore for both locals and tourists and the city is known for its diverse shopping opportunities. Considered one of the busiest streets in Asia, the several-kilometer-long Orchard Road is Singapore’s most famous shopping district.

Much of the shopping on Orchard Road is focused on electronics and clothing, but the detective is sure to find everything between earth and heaven. Prices, of course, depend on what you are looking for, but on the other hand, competition between stores is fierce and good bargains are available at low prices.

In the evening, head to the lavish Raffles Hotel, home to the world-famous Singapore Sling cocktail. At the hotel bar, the service exceeds all expectations, as does the final bill if you are not careful. Afterwards, you can continue the evening in the numerous restaurants and bars on Boat Quay. At the same time, you can enjoy the lights of a million city and the international atmosphere.


The tourist offer is wide

Short for SG by abbreviationfinder, Singapore has a wide and varied range of attractions. One of the most interesting destinations is the island of Sentosa. The beach resort is serviced by a gondola lift and features an Singapore casino and an artificial beach. Fine sand has been brought here from as far as Hawaii. The perfectly shaped beach takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a moment.

A Singapore night safari is different from many normally colorless zoo experiences. Even being in the middle of the city, it’s easy to imagine yourself in the heart of the jungle. A thousand different species of animals, including panthers and rhinos, in the dark environment is a neck-raising experience. Especially when several animals are then at their most active.

Fish spas that at least look special to an outsider are also popular in Singapore. The legs are placed in a basin full of fish. According to locals, the fish picked up dead cells from the skin, and that’s what the experience feels like. The treatment results in improved blood circulation and refreshed skin.

One of Singapore’s most special attractions is the Gardens by the Bay garden area, where you should visit at least the so-called super trees in the garden. Super trees are 25-50 meter high tree-like structures that are beautifully lit in the evening. Inside the tallest super tree is a restaurant where you can enjoy dinner in a unique setting.

Heat available throughout the year

More than a hundred kilometers from the equator, Singapore has a tropical climate. The seasons have little effect on the weather.

The heat in Singapore is full all year round, and the mercury practically never drops below twenty degrees. The climate is also invariably humid and rain can rain from the sky regardless of the season. Rainfall, however, is most often either short or heavy deaf in the morning or afternoon.

The busiest season in Singapore is around the turn of the year, but business travelers are constantly flowing into the country. However, the quietest is in July-August, when it is also most likely to find bargain-priced flights and hotels.

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