Squaw Valley, California

Squaw Valley, California

Squaw Valley from A to Z: map of hotels and ski areas, slopes and pistes, lifts and ski passes. Bright photos and videos. Reviews of tourists-skiers about Squaw Valley.

According to toppharmacyschools, Squaw Valley, where the Winter Olympics were held in 1960, is located on the northern shore of the beautiful Lake Tahoe in the United States. In terms of its atmosphere, this town is very similar to European ski resorts. Such a flair evokes skiers in an amazingly planned new village. Here, all the buildings are connected by footpaths, there are no large open spaces, everything is cozy and pleasing to the eye. That for America, loving scope and scale, is still not quite typical.

In addition to its unique exterior, Squaw Valley is famous for its special microclimate, due to which virgin snow here looks like soft loose powder. Riding on which is a real pleasure. Alas, not available to everyone. Since this resort is considered an area of ​​steep and difficult skiing, for which freeriders appreciate it. Local couloirs, rocky outcroppings and “unraveled virgin soil” attract them like a magnet. It is no wonder that today Squaw Valley is considered one of the best ski resorts in the States, and its slope area is more than 1,600 hectares.

How to get there

Three international airports are scattered around Squaw Valley at once, the nearest one is Reno, 70 km away, as well as Sacramento (150 km) and San Francisco (310 km). None of them accept direct flights from Russia, but a lot of boards from New York, Washington and some European capitals. So you can get to the resort relatively comfortably, although not quickly (in flight, not counting connections, you will have to spend at least 11 hours).

And, despite the fact that the Reno airport is not as advertised as the famous Frisco, it is worth considering a flight to this air hub. It receives more than 70 flights every day from 15 American and two European cities. A flight to Reno will significantly shorten the journey from the arrivals terminal to the long-awaited slope.

By bus

In any case, tourists can be advised to rent a car upon arrival. But if turning the steering wheel is not your destiny, do not despair. A whole bunch of shuttles and taxis run from Reno to the resort, and Sacramento and San Francisco airports are not deprived of attention.

Alpine Adventures buses run from Sacramento, whose history dates back to 1965. From San Francisco and Sacramento, you can order a transfer on the Bay Area Ski Bus or North American Charter Ski buses.

Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) shuttles run along the entire Lake Tahoe, the initial route is Truckee (13 km) and the city of Tahoe. The fare is about 2 USD.

Weather in Squaw Valley

The ski season in Squaw Valley runs from November to April. There is always a lot of snow, on average about 11 m per season. Another plus is the sun. You can not only work out your skating technique, but also get a nice tan. The bright California sun shines over the resort every three days out of four.

In Squaw Valley, you can not only work out your skating technique, but also get a nice tan. The bright California sun shines over the resort every three days out of four.


You can stay both directly at the resort, and in the city of Tahoe or Truckee, which will be somewhat cheaper, and given the inexpensive shuttle, it can save a lot. The first city is 10 km from Squaw Valley, the second is 13 km, so there will be no long drive to the slope. And, of course, a lot of hotels are also open near the slopes. The best are PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn, Squaw Valley Lodge, Olympic Village Inn or Red Wolf Lodge.

Squaw Valley trails

Squaw Valley is considered a challenging and steep skiing area and is very popular with freeriders. Experienced skiers will enjoy the slopes of the KT-22 peak, in the central part there are many easy slopes, as well as medium-difficulty slopes with a wide variety of skiing. There is a trail for night skiing. In total, there are about 100 slopes in Squaw Valley, which are served by 33 lifts. About half of the slopes are intended for “average” skiers, only 20 slopes are suitable for beginners, the rest are the lot of pros and extreme sportsmen. The longest slope reaches a length of more than 5 km. Well, snowboarders will like the fact that the resort has three snowboard parks, a super-pipe and a half-pipe.

Attractions and attractions in Squaw Valley

80 shops, 30 restaurants, 8 bars and clubs, a casino, a nighttime amusement park – this is what is responsible for the entertaining nature of the holiday. If you want to replenish your cultural baggage, you can go on a cruise on Lake Tahoe or visit one of the nearby museums. For example, the VIII Winter Olympics Museum in Squaw Valley, or the Gatekeeper’s Museum of Indian Culture in Tahoe City. Truckee has a Donner Party Museum and Donner State Memorial Park, while Reno has a host of casinos and a planetarium. This city is considered the second in the number of blackjacks after Las Vegas in America.

Activities: Squaw Creek Cross Country Ski Center, ice rink, swimming pool, climbing wall, sledding, tubing, tennis courts, ice fishing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, Lake Tahoe cruises.

Squaw Valley, California

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