The Best of Qatar

The Best of Qatar

Quite a safe destination

The overall security situation in Qatar is good and the terrorist threat is low. However, the political situation in the region should be monitored and exercised with caution. Also, following the cultural rules ensures a smooth holiday.

For short stopover visits of less than 24 hours, a Finn does not need a visa to Qatar. For a longer period, a Finn can buy a Qatar 30-day visa at the airport in the destination country. A working credit card is required for this. According to countryaah, Qatar is located in western Asia or Middle East.

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Qatar Airways flies direct from Helsinki to Doha.

Direct flights to Doha

Since Qatar Airways opened a direct connection from Helsinki to Doha, Qatar has been easily accessible to Finns. However, direct flights are quite expensive, and you can shell out about 800 euros. However, a hawk hawk can grab tickets from a high-end airline’s campaign even more cheaply.

Direct flights take about six and a half hours. Possible flights take more time, but at best, Helsinki-Doha tickets can grab less than 300 euros. Doha Airport is also a popular interchange airport, and many spend only a few hours in Doha during a stopover.

Luxury accommodation in Qatar

It’s not easy to find actual budget accommodation in Qatar, but luxury is all the more enough. Charming boutique hotels and five-star luxury rooms in skyscrapers get many heads on a bike.

On the other hand, accommodation in Doha is usually value for money, and you can also find a room at a very good price in a four-star hotel. You can also hunt for good value for money from the Airbnb home rental service.

By car around Qatar

In Qatar which is abbreviated as QAT by abbreviationfinder, people travel mainly by car. Whether it’s urban planning or scorching hot weather, Qatar doesn’t tend to walk from place to place. So getting around by car or taxi is not only handy, it’s also affordable. The taxi start-up fee is around one euro, and petrol is also particularly affordable.


The Museum of Islamic Art is one of Doha’s main attractions.


The capital of Qatar, Doha, on the one hand, is a boastful luxury destination whose silhouette is constantly changing as new and special skyscrapers rise into the city. On the other hand, it is also a fascinating mix of traditional Arab culture and new winds.

Doha is great for the shopper and the city holidaymaker. Although temperatures in the city remain in the heat readings all year round, there are virtually no beaches at all. The most interesting cultural site in Doha is the Museum of Islamic Art.

The Museum of Islamic art is an impressive museum in terms of both its collection and its appearance. Because Qatar is notoriously unstoppable, the retired architect IM Pei, found behind the glass triangle of the Paris Louvre, was lured to design the museum.

The traditional Arab atmosphere can be found in the city’s Souk Market, the most famous of which is Souk Waqif. Here you can feel the atmosphere of the bazaar and, for example, make gift purchases from numerous stalls. The area is popular with both locals and tourists.

Al Zubarah

The fortified city of Al Zubarah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fortified city of Al Zubarah is located 100 kilometers west of Doha. The city is especially famous for its old fortress, which is also an important archaeological site.

The fortress was built in the late 1930s. There are other ruins in the area, but the Al Zubarah fortress is the best preserved of these, and it adorns many of Qatar’s postcards and brochures. The place is not great, but worth seeing anyway.

Khor Al Adaid

Qatar’s main natural attraction is undoubtedly the picturesque cove known as the “inland sea,” Khor Al Adaid, located near the Saudi Arabian border. The sand dunes of Khor Al Adaid are unparalleled in their effectiveness, as the salt plateau sparkles wonderfully between the sand. A starry night by Khor Al Adaid is a wonderful experience, but many thirst for more activity in the area.

At Khor Al Adaid you can go skiing on the sand dunes or quad biking, for example. You should head to the area with a knowledgeable guide and driver, as inexperienced movement in the desert can be dangerous. The easiest and safest way to experience Khor Al Adaid is to take a guided tour.


Qatar’s skyscrapers are taller and more spectacular.

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At least experience these

1. Feel the authentic Arab atmosphere at Doha Souk Waqif
2. Shop at numerous malls
4. Explore the Doha Museum of Islamic Art
5. Try desert activities

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