Trips in Asia

Trips in Asia

Cultural trips in Central Asia

According to countryaah, Central Asia is a region located in central part of Asian continent. The area is characterized by mountain areas, plateaus, steppes and deserts. There are different views on which countries are part of Central Asia. However, the following five countries are all official Central Asian countries; Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. In these five countries board about 65 million people, which is only 2% of the total population of Asia. According to Danish geographical tradition, Central Asia is described as being the mountains and highlands between the Himalayas in the south, the Sajan Mountains in the north, the Chinese river plains in the east and the Pamirs in the west.


Uzbekistan is a country full of cultural heritage from earlier times. You can experience the mysteries of the Silk Road, which offers history and culture in long lanes. The Silk Road connected the East and the West and was a trade network where traders sold valuables from the East to Europe. Visit Khiva, which is one of the Silk Road’s most famous oasis towns. Here you will see the Central Asian architecture, beautiful and ancient sights as well as the upscale buzz of history. On the journey through the Silk Road, several stops will be made in holy cities, including the capital Tashkent and many more exciting cities filled with breathtaking history. The trip to Uzbekistan will fill you with sensory impressions and unforgettable experiences. The country is crammed with mystery, culture and the many secrets of the Silk Road.

Cultural trips in Central Asia


Beach holidays in Asia

Asia is a fantastic continent, offering everything from mountaineering and trekking to impressive cultural history. But when it comes to an idyllic beach holiday, Asia is also an obvious travel destination. The huge continent offers white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and azure sea, which can give you the feeling of a real paradise beach holiday. The warm temperatures and the many coastlines, make Asia a continent for many beach holidays and beach-friendly countries that welcome you inside their paradise.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a state in southern Asia, which for many people is described as a true island paradise. The country offers fantastic sandy beaches where you can enjoy a cold drink in the shade of a palm tree, while the sea shower takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you want to experience a real paradise, then a beach holiday to Sri Lanka can be worth all the money. Tourist Travel offers trips to Unawatuna, which is a small bay with delicious sandy beaches and beautiful sea. A visit to Unawatuna gives you the opportunity to experience the local atmosphere by visiting local fish restaurants and by cooking with a real Sri Lankan food nut. Sri Lankans are a welcoming people who stand on their toes to help you and show you around their enchanting island. You can also experience Kalpitaya, a pristine coastline on the northwest side of Sri Lanka.


The world’s third largest island, Borneo, is a true paradise for travelers seeking a true sense of relaxation, sun, warmth and beautiful surroundings. The stunning island offers everything from lush nature to idyllic sandy beaches, and if you have come to relax in a real paradise, then Borneo is the right destination. With the opportunity to experience everything from sea turtles to gorillas, Borneo also gives you the opportunity for wonderful combination trips, which can give you a relaxing and eventful journey. Our beach holiday on Borneo goes to Kinarut, which is a small and cozy coastal town located next to the South China Sea. As there are quite a few tides in this area of ​​Borneo’s coast, we always offer delicious hotels with lovely swimming pools where you can laze on a soft sun lounger. In this way, we give you the opportunity to get the best of both worlds, so you can both have the opportunity to swim in the beautiful sea as well as the lovely swimming pool. Borneo is without a doubt a true paradise.


India is located in the south of Asia and is a great travel destination for all travelers. This is because the country offers everything from trekking and mountaineering to exciting cultural history and beach holidays. When it comes to the latter, India in particular is a great destination due to the country’s warm temperatures and beautiful coastlines. Beach holidays to India include to Kovalom, which offers some of India’s best beaches. The beautiful bathing beach offers swaying coconut palms and delicious water. If you want to get far away from Denmark’s dull weather and instead want the sun’s rays to kiss your cheek while the soft sand sneaks up between your toes, India has everything you need. We also offer beach holidays to the amazing Goa, which is a great destination for first time visitors in India. Goa is the ”

The Andamans

The Andamans are an Indian archipelago located in the Bay of Bengal. The amazing island paradise is an experience without equal, and if you are into beach, sea, palm trees and cold drinks in the sun, then the archipelago is a perfect choice of destination. Most of the islands are overgrown with rainforest, giving the island a lush climate and unique wildlife. In fact, the island is home to as many as 17 bird species not found anywhere else in the world. It offers unique opportunities to explore the island’s fantastic nature and wildlife, which can be combined with a relaxing beach holiday on the island’s fantastic beaches.